We're Launching

Mar 10, 2015

At Enkel Basics we have had March 10th marked in our calendars for a long time! We are delivering the very first T-shirts to our Kickstarter backers and launching our online store.  What a great feeling!

Finally we can share our first, completely sustainably produced products with everyone. I say our first because they don’t belong to us but to everyone who helped share, fund, and support our crowdfunding campaign so we could get this company off the ground. We are super happy to be able to build Enkel Basics with your support.

Using the money from the campaign, we were able to produce 1,287 organic cotton T-shirts. Since they are made from organic instead of conventional cotton, we spared the environment of 103 kg of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. That’s pretty great, we think!

We look forward to continuing to develop sustainable clothing with you in the future.

All the best,

Maja, Mia & Maj Britt.


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