Meet Carry Somers - The Woman Behind Fashion Revolution Day

Apr 24, 2015

Twenty-three years ago, Carry Somers left her fully funded PhD programme and launched Pachacuti - a UK-based company that sells hats that are handmade in Ecuador and designed in Derbyshire. Pachacuti is the world’s first World Fair Trade Organization certified Fair Trade company. Carry and her colleagues are pioneers of supply chain traceability - the tracking of products from their production to purchase by the consumer.  The Pachacuti story shows how entrepreneurs can collaborate with, and support, artisan communities while using a fair trade and sustainable business plan.



More recently, Carry Somers founded Fashion Revolution Day following the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh in 2013, when 1,138 employees died and 2,500 were injured.



"I believe that it is important for us not to become complacent but to continue to push the boundaries as there is still much to be done in terms of improving accountability within the fashion industry". (Carry Somers, Founder, Pachacuti)



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