3 Takeaways from Decoded Fashion's Ethical Consumerism Meet-Up

Apr 13, 2015

On March 24th we had the opportunity to attend the first Ethical Consumerism Fashion Meetup in Copenhagen, sponsored by EasySize and Decoded Fashion. One of our founders, Maja Trolle, was part of a three person panel discussion and was joined by representatives from two other Scandinavian sustainable fashion companies - Ecouture and Another View. Drude-Katrine Plannthin - Co-author of the book Guidelines II - A Handbook on Sustainability in Fashion  - was the moderator.  Participants had the opportunity to share their insights and experience and to meet other fashion and technology start-up entrepreneurs who are interested in the same topic.

The Key Note talk was given by Mari K. Espelid, who represented the Deloitte Sustainability research centre. Mari discussed how she and her colleagues have been investigating how to connect customer engagement with sustainability. (You can read more about their interesting findings here and here.)

Here are three key takeaways from the keynote talk:

  • If we continue to use natural resources at the current rate, in 2050 we will need 2.3 earths to meet our consumption patterns! (that blew our minds!) How old will you be in 2050?

  • Here in Scandinavia Nordic consumers use 15 kgs of clothing every year! Do you know what the amount is where you live?

  • 66% of consumers want brands to be transparent about how they make their products but only a small percentage actually check the brands’ websites and media accounts for information about what the brands are doing to support sustainable and fair trade fashion output.
    Brands need to make this information readily available and tangible for consumers.  Do you think Enkel Basics is providing enough information about why our clothing is sustainable?


EasySize provided an interesting summary of the meet-up and pictures from the event.


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