World's Best Dad - 3 dads we adore!

Jun 02, 2015

Just in time for Father's Day we wanted to share a glimpse into the lives of three great dads, who also helped get Enkel Basics up and running by backing our Kickstarter campaign.

“Having a kid is like falling in love for the first time when you’re 12, but every day.”  
Mike Myers

Meet Esben


Esben is the father of two girls, 9 year old Ella and 4 year old Rita. He works as a frontend developer and is married to Louise.

"The more the merrier!" Those were Esben's words when Ella, 10 minutes to dinner, unexpectedly came home with two friends from school the other day. 
That shows a classic 'Dad' way of dealing with the kids at our house;
There's always a solution and room for one more.
Amongst many other things that makes Esben the World's Best Dad"
                                                                                                          Louise - Esbens wife

Esben is wearing our Fitted Tee in Dark Blue


Meet Rune


Rune is the father of 2 months old baby boy Nohr. He works as a climate consultant and lives with his girlfriend Line.

"When Nohr is of the opinion that the day starts at 5am, Rune often takes him into the living room to give me some rest. When I, after a couple of hours of amazing, continuous sleep, walk in to find Rune with Nohr in his arms,
both sleeping soundly, my heart melts a little."
Line, Rune's girlfriend

Rune is wearing our Relaxed Tee in Grey Melange

Meet Jeppe

Jeppe is the father of two girls, Asta who is 7 and Liva at 10. Jeppe is a market researcher and an anthropologist and runs his own business.

"Our dad is the World's Best Dad because he always does so many exciting things with us. Some of them are a little scary and we wouldn't dare to do them without him,
but when he is there it's ok. 
He takes us rock climbing and skiing and he also plays a lot of music with us. 
When we're snuggled up on the couch with a movie, he makes us smoothies."
Asta & Liva, Jeppe's daughters

Jeppe is wearing our Relaxed Tee in Grey Melange

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