Six important stages of clothing production - number six is you!

Mar 28, 2015


Did you know that 50% of the carbon footprint of a garment is in the hands of the wearer? 
In Northern Europe we only wear our clothes 6 times on average before we throw them away or recycle them.
By prolonging that lifespan by a third we can shave 9% off our carbon footprint. That's why we make our products to last.
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Clothing Travels From The Farm to Our Closet

Mar 24, 2015

The farm-to-table food movement focuses on the stages of food production that take place as food is grown, handled and sometimes processed -  until it reaches the consumer’s table. This includes the harvesting of the food, storage, processing, packaging, sales and consumption.  
In a similar way we can look at the stages of clothing production including the harvesting of the fibers used to create cotton, linen, hemp soy and silk fabric - here's a closer look into farm-to-closet manufacturing. Read more


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